Message to the Association of Jill Gooding CSB _Aug2013
Published on: 1 August 2013

Dear Friends,


I hope you are having a lovely warm summer, filled with joy and fresh inspiration.  How good to realize that we are now only two months away from Association Day!  It will be SUCH a joy to see you all on that special occasion. 


I am attaching a copy of details that may be helpful to you in connection with Association.  If you have not already booked your room at the Oatlands Park Hotel it would be good to do it as soon as possible.


Also I still have some slots for appointments on Sunday and Monday if that is something you would like to do.  If you would like an appointment, please let me know your flight times to leave after the Association, so that I can give you the right appointment time.


What an inspiring lesson we have on “Love” this week, and how good to realise that we are all, always “in Love.”  There is much talk today about being “in love”, but this lesson shows us that we are always “in Love” whether we are married, single, widowed, divorced or whether there is even a “partner” on the scene.  The last citation in the lesson tells us:


“Divine Love is infinite.  Therefore all that really exists is in and of God, and manifests His love.”  S&H 340:12


So we are always “in Love” and manifest that Love.  No one is left out!  We can each hear that still, small voice of Love speaking directly to us, “Beloved child, I, divine Love am infinite.  Therefore you, as My loved offspring, exist in Me and of Me, and you manifest My love.” 


Have you ever thought deeply about 1 John 3:1:

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us….”


What is the “manner of the love” that the Father is bestowing on us?  It is the love that is illustrated all the way through this lesson and clearly stated in the Sermon on the Mount. It is seen in unselfishness, generosity, unending forgiveness, loving our enemies and those who do us wrong, mothering and caring for all.


The accounts of Hagar and the Prodigal, reveal clearly that God’s love is with us as we walk through wilderness experiences, and supplies us with just the right angels we need during those testing times, gently and constantly providing wells of water, not just bottles of it!  It enables us to “come to ourselves”, to our true and divine sense of identity, and see that we have never been separated from the abundance of the Father’s house, and therefore we can leave the dream of the “husks” of materialistic limited, discontented and unsatisfying living, and exchange it for the fullness of God’s blessing saying to us “ALL that I have is yours, – is you.”


As with the Elder brother in the Prodigal story, this love of Love heals us of jealously, hatred, malice, resentment, anger, envy, stubbornness, criticism, judgement and self righteousness, and replaces it with mercy, forgiveness, generosity, appreciation; it eliminates condemnation, self-love, self-will and self-justification.


Love “glints”, “glances”, “glides”, “brightens”, “beautifies” and “blesses”.  S&H 516:16


The Lesson also includes the lovely passage that spells out the different aspects of Love, from the lowest to the highest; sympathy, human affection, spiritual affection and infinite Love. S&H 366:12-19


In the We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition Volume II, p. 544, William Rathvon, in his memoirs, records that a year before she passed on, Mrs Eddy called him to her bedside and asked him,

“Do you know by what it is that I heal the sick?”

Mr. Rathvon replied, “Through your knowledge of God.” Our Leader said, “No, that’s not it.”

“What is it then?” he asked.

She replied, “By Love.’


As Christian Scientists we have “enlisted” to heal.

(S&H 450:19)  So let us imbibe and BE that Love that heals.  This week’s lesson shows us how this is done.


With such tender love






PS  I was sent this recently that I think you might enjoy.


First Quiet of the Morning


Don't spend it on the stack of mail, the phone call,

the mounting inventory of groceries.

Resist the finished wash cycle and the dishes clamoring for cleanup.

Ignore the pileup by the front door, the mess left in the wake

of the weekend.

These things carry the patience and constancy of bedrock.

Not the first quiet of the morning.

It is thin and needy, hungry for your touch.

You will miss it when it goes, siphoning out the way it does,

Toppled by the weight of all your noisy urgencies,

those lists mortaring your day together.

This for you, this sweet and brief emptiness, this desert island,

this nest nesting your inevitable flight.

Hold your wings still.

Don't go just yet.



Maya Stein