Message to the Association April 2014
Published on: 2 April 2014


Dear Fellow Prayers,

In many parts of the world, spring is just beginning to show itself,- certainly it is in England!

I have been happily contemplating our Leader’s words about this time of the year.  She wrote an article called “Voices of Spring.” I started to type it out for you, and then thought it would be better for you to read it yourselves from Prose Works! You will find it on pages 329–332 of Miscellaneous Writings. May I strongly encourage you to go and read its message, – a clear message, not from me, but from our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. She wrote: 

“In spring, nature like a thrifty housewife sets the earth in order; and between taking up the white carpets and putting down the green ones, her various apartments are dismally dirty…”

Then she goes on to give some beautiful descriptions of what happens in spring, with the trees, the birds and the flowers.  Then she asks:

“What is the anthem of human life?" And she answers in part:

“Human hope and faith should join in nature’s grand harmony… St. Paul wrote, ‘Rejoice in the Lord always.’  And why not, since man’s possibilities are infinite, bliss is eternal, and the consciousness thereof is here and now?

She continues:

“The alders bend over the streams to shake out their tresses in the water-mirrors and even pride should sanction what our natures need.  Popularity, – what is it?  A mere mendicant (a beggar) that boasts and begs, and God denies charity.

When gentle violet lifts its blue eye to heaven, and crown imperial unveils its regal splendour to the sun; when the modest grass, inhabiting the whole earth, stoops meekly before the blast;  when the patient corn waits on the elements to put forth its tender blade, construct the stalk, instruct the ear, and crown the full corn in the ear, – then, are mortals looking up, waiting on God, and committing their way unto Him who tosses earth’s mass of wonders into their hands?  When downtrodden like the grass, did it make them humble, loving, obedient, full of good odor, and cause them to wait patiently on God for man’s rich heritage, – ‘dominion over all the earth?’ Thus abiding in Truth, the warmth and sunlight of prayer and praise and understanding will ripen the fruits of Spirit, and goodness will have its springtide of freedom and greatness.”

And she concludes:

“Spring is here! And doors that closed on Christian Science in ‘the long winter of our discontent,’ are open flung.  Its seedtime has come to enrich earth and enrobe man in righteousness; may its sober-suited autumn follow with hues of heaven, ripened sheaves, and harvest songs.” 

I have found it helpful to think of this time as a wonderful mental “spring clean”!!   She writes “Human hope and faith should join in nature’s grand harmony,” and then advises these things:


1. See as God sees:
 “Let mortals bow before the creator, and, looking through Love’s transparency, behold man in God’s own image and likeness, arranging in the beauty of holiness each budding thought”.

2. Recognize need for spiritual growth.
“It is good to talk with our past hours, and learn what report they bear, and how they might have reported more spiritual growth. 

3.  Renew and freshen life’s aims.
“With each returning year, higher joys, holier aims, a purer peace and diviner energy, should freshen the fragrance of being.

                  4.    First and last, LOVE and be kind
                   Nature’s first and last lessons teach man to be kind.


So let us all join together for a mental “spring clean”!!  Then we can know with certainty, as our Leader states “seedtime has come to enrich earth and enrobe man in righteousness.”


With such tender springtime love,




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