Association Assignment

Association Assignment 2007-2008

1. Daily live “the great fact”…, – “Life in and of Spirit, this Life being the sole reality of existence.” Mis 24:15

2. “As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life.“ S&H 97:3

Read through the Bible, tracing “Life in and of Spirit.” God’s all-power and man’s relationship to God, is the golden thread running throughout the Bible. (See CS Sentinel. Oct 1 ‘07, p.22)

3. Read “The Life of Mary Baker Eddy” by Sybil Wilbur.

4. Study “No and Yes” by Mrs. Eddy.

5. Be FILLED with the Holy Spirit, and go out and share it, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly!

6. Rejoice evermore! “The Kingdom of God is within you”!


Write: a. Fruitage Report. 1 PAGE PLEASE! by July 1st, 2008

b. Any questions you would like included in the Association address: and please include your own answers with the questions as well!


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Association Assignment 2007-2008
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