By-Laws for the Association




of the Pupils of



This Association, The Christian Science Association of the Pupils of Mrs. Jill Gooding, C.S.B., is organized under the authority of Article XXVI , Section 6, of the Manual of The Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy.

2.     NAME.

The name of this Association shall be “The Christian Science Association of the Pupils of Mrs. Jill Gooding C.S.B.”

3.     PURPOSE.

The purpose of this Association is to promote the pupils’ “progress in the understanding of divine Principle…. that they prove sound in sentiment and practical in Christian Science.” (Manual of The Mother Church, Art XXVI, Sect 2.)  Its purpose is not the exercise of parliamentary democracy, but rather is completely religious in character.  For this reason the business of the Association will be conducted as far as possible by its President and its Executive Committee so that the business sessions of the Association may be as brief as possible.

This Association operates as a not-for-profit charitable society and all proceeds from donations and subscriptions are to be used (i) for the purpose of providing annual class teaching to new members; (ii) providing an annual conference day for all members and guests of the association; (iii) providing financial assistance for travel and accommodation to those members who cannot afford to travel to the annual conference; and (iv) to support charitable giving as the need arises.

4.     OFFICERS.

The officers of this Association shall be a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Executive Committee.

a. President.  The teacher, Mrs. Jill Gooding C.S.B., shall be the President of this Association.  The President shall appoint all officers and may declare a vacancy in any office for such reasons as she may consider appropriate, and may fill such vacancy by appointment.  The Executive Committee shall have this power to declare and fill vacancies in the event of the absence of the teacher or her decision to delegate this power to the Executive Committee.

b. Secretary.  The Secretary shall be appointed by the President each year at the annual meeting of the Association.  The Secretary shall keep the records of the Association, and shall carry out any work connected therewith, that the President may deem necessary. The President shall appoint one or more assistants to the Secretary at any time this is deemed necessary.

c. Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall be appointed by the President each year at the annual meeting of the Association.  The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies of the Association  in a separate bank account, paying therefrom all the bills of the Association as ordered by the President, or by the Executive Committee as hereinafter provided.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep a correct account of all the receipts and disbursements.

c. Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall consist of 3 members to be appointed by the President. Under normal circumstances this shall be for a 3 year term, but this can be flexible.  The Executive Committee shall conduct the business of the Association subject to the direction of the President.  The Executive Committee shall act in an advisory capacity on any matters which the President of the Association may call to its attention.  The Executive Committee shall carry on the affairs of the Association, when the President is no longer present to guide the pupils of the Association.


The membership of this Association shall consist of those who have received Primary Class Instruction in Christian Science from Mrs. Jill Gooding C.S.B., and who remain loyal to the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy and to the Manual of The Mother Church.  A member who shall be found by the President, or in her absence by the Executive committee, to be having “the name without the life of a Christian Scientist” ( Manual Art. XI, Sect 1) may be placed on probation, permitted to withdraw, or his name removed from the active list of members of the Association for the time being by the teacher or by the Executive Committee.  Upon proof of his reformation he may be reinstated by the teacher or by the Executive Committee.

6.     MEETINGS.

The Association shall meet once each year for one day.  The date and place of the meeting shall be fixed by the President from year to year, or in her absence, by the Executive Committee.

7.     FUNDS.

The annual dues shall be a minimum of £20.00 for each member.  This should be paid annually to the Treasurer by the Association Day each year.  Contributions to the Association may be made at any time.  The Association shall each year give a gift to The Mother Church.

8.     VISITORS.

Pupils of other teachers may be invited to the Association meetings, in accordance with Art XXVI, Sect 7 of the Church Manual, but such invitations shall be issued by the President only, or by the Executive Committee when the President is no longer present.


When the number of the members of the Association shall be ten or less, or upon its dissolution if such shall sooner occur, all the funds and property of the Association shall be distributed to The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass, to be used for the promotion and extension of the religion of Christian Science as taught by Mary Baker Eddy.


The bylaws of the Association may be amended at any time by the President.  They may also be amended, repealed or added to by a majority vote of those present at any annual meeting.  No further notice of proposed change need be given;  provided that the draft of the proposed amendment shall have been presented to, and approved by, the President and the Executive Committee.