Hotel Arrangements for Association 2011


If you are thinking ahead for your arrangements for the Association Week end, the following maybe of help to you.

Hotel bookings.

Please book your hotel accommodation direct with the Hilton Hotel in Cobham, NOT with Hilton Central Reservations.

We have reserved rooms at special rates for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights if you say that you are attending the Jill Gooding Association Meeting, being held in the hotel.    It is also important to note that these special hotel rates ONLY apply to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Thursday and Monday nights will be charged at the usual rate of approximately £165 a night.

Single room: £80.00 per night

inclusive of English breakfast and VAT (tax)

Double/twin bedded room: £95.00 per night

inclusive of English breakfast and VAT (tax)

When you book your accommodation please inform the hotel if you plan to have dinner over the weekend. The Zuccotta Restaurant has meals at varying price levels.

For ease of booking accommodation at the Cobham Hilton for our Association, the hotel have set up a special website for our event.  The address is Please open this and follow the guidelines to book your accommodation. Should you have any difficulty please call Julie in Reservations on 01932 864471 during office hours.  You still have the option to phone the Hilton Cobham direct to book your room if you would prefer this.

If you are wanting an appointment with me kn Sunday or Monday after Association, I would be grateful if you would let me know the time of your departure flight, as it enables me to make the right appointment for each one of you.