Message from the Christian Science Board of Directors Jan 2012

January 2012

Dear Christian Scientists,

This year our Church is exploring “the spirit of Christ calling us together,” (Pulpit and Press, p. 21) which seems especially applicable to the annual gathering of Class-taught Christian Scientists on their Association day.

Jesus once promised his followers, “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” (John 12:32) Doesn’t this point to an altitude of thought, even more than to a gathering at a geographic location? In other words, our Leader provided for our attendance at our Associations once a year, and many of us travel considerable distances to be present because we realize nothing can replace the blessing that comes from another day of being taught of God. But isn’t it heartening to realize that the work and spiritual progress of Christian Science goes on every day, and that we contribute to it and unite with it every time we lift up the Christ in our thoughts and deeds? Each time we give a treatment, each time we repent of some sin, each time we serve others in love, each time our thought is uplifted by our study of Christian Science, we are going to that place that Christ is calling us to. What a joy it is to realize we can go to this place instantly, again and again, and that as we do, we will be working shoulder to shoulder with those who love Christ, the true idea of God, good. Just as an iceberg only shows a small fraction of its mass above the surface of the water, an Association day can express only a part of the fruitage of healing and spiritual growth that are the ongoing demonstration of Class-taught students.

As we reach out to you in love on your Association day, please know that we look forward to being together heart to heart throughout the year as we each respond to Christ’s message of salvation from sin, disease, and death, which comes through the gospel of Christian Science. As Mary Baker Eddy reminds us:

The spiritually minded meet on the stairs which lead up to spiritual love. This affection, so far from being personal worship, fulfills the law of Love which Paul enjoined upon the Galatians. This is the Mind “which was also in Christ Jesus,” and knows no material limitations. It is the unity of good and bond of perfectness. This just affection serves to constitute the Mind-healer a wonder-worker, — as of old, on the Pentecost Day, when the disciples were of one accord. (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 76)

With love, The Christian Science Board of Directors and the Board of Education

Michael Pabst              Margaret Rogers       Nate Talbot          Mary Trammell

Lyle Young              Scott Preller                Christiane West Little