Extract from the Reminiscence of John
Randall Dunn one of our Leader’s students,
from the “Mary Baker Eddy Library. This is so
important for us all to know and particularly
helpful for First Readers. And remember our
Leader made this statement the culmination
of the whole service, during the reading of
which the whole congregation stands. It is
that important! Mr. Dunn wrote this:

“I called on Miss Clara Shannon in London,
England, shortly before her going from our
sight. She seemed very alert mentally and
related the following incidents:

She said she was with our Leader one day at
Pleasant View when a well-known Christian
Scientist from the West was received by Mrs
Eddy. In the course of their conversation he
told her that he had been elected First
Reader of his church. Mrs. Eddy then gave
him a copy of Science and Health and asked
him to read the Scientific Statement of Being
for her. Miss Shannon stated that to her
sense of things the man read the Statement
very well; but when he had finished Mrs.
Eddy looked at him a little sternly and said
“You haven’t the slightest idea as to how that
should be read! Let me have the book.” He
passed the Science and Health back to her
and she proceeded to read it to him. Miss
Shannon quickly opened her own textbook
and underlined the words which Mrs. Eddy

It appeared that her thought was to
minimize the negative and to emphasize the
affirmative statements in this paragraph.
The first declaration was read very quietly
and then in the second Mrs. Eddy
emphasized the words “all”, “infinite Mind”,
and the word “its”, as well as “infinite
manifestation” and was careful to read “allin-
all” smoothly and not to hesitate after the
first “all” or after the word “in”, which would
indicate that God was IN His creation. She
said the next statements were read as
contrasts, – the declaration about Spirit being
emphasized and matter minimized. May I
say in passing that a Reader to whom I told
this and who promptly tried to follow Mrs
Eddy’s thought in the matter, was waited
upon at the close of a service recently by
someone who said that he had been hearing
that Scientific Statement of Being read for a
quarter of a century but that day was the
first time he had found a Reader who made
Mind all and matter naught.

This seemed to be a confirmation of the fact
that Miss Shannon had caught our Leader's
intention as to how the Scientific Statement
of Being should be read in our churches.”

You might be interested to know that I knew
the secretary of Clara Shannon’s Association
in London well. He was a listed practitioner,
and he shared with me a card showing
exactly the way Clara Shannon taught her
pupils how to read this statement, directly
from hearing our Leader read it.